Success Stories


We have the pleasure of being representatives for the company Whale Spa. We’ve exclusively helped them import spa products to the Middle East. We don’t just help them with a few different products, we’ve made the connections to host a wide range of spa products for Whale Spa.

We also continue to work within the realm of nail care products. Of which we send to and connect with store owners and beauty suppliers across the globe. Doing this type of work globally has only led to more strong connections for our business. Something we’d love to use to your advantage as well!

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A well-known Saffron brand reached out to us, wanting to expand their reach into the United States. This was just the type of challenge we look forward to. So, we reached out to various companies we thought might be a good fit. In the end though, there were a few things that weren’t matching up. We wanted to find a company that would suit the brand well – A company that would perpetuate the high quality of the spice. Rooted in the various criteria that the principal company had, we found that it made the most business sense to enter into a partnership with them ourselves.

On the state side we now do everything from A to Z for the company. The only thing we don’t really do is grow the saffron crocus bulbs. Sometimes the best connection is one of the easiest ones to make, and in this particular instance, the fit was perfect.


We were contacted by a large nut distributor from the UAE. They wanted nothing more than to buy great walnuts, pistachios, and almonds from California. The problem was they didn’t know where to start.

Enter Four Corners Business, and our willingness to make it happen. We found a price and quality our client could get behind after some serious back and forth negotiations. In the end, we struck a fantastic deal for both parties involved. Our friends in Emirates got the amazing quality product they were looking for, and the company in California was promptly paid for their products.


A prominent dental group reached out to us at Four Corners Business, and they wanted an extremely specific type of dental material. We were able to locate this special material through hard work and using strong relationships formed over the years. From there, we made the right connections at the perfect price for all involved.

The same situation rang true when we helped to export an amazingly beneficial piece of equipment in the field of physical therapy. Once again, we made the necessary connections for our client, and took the weights of finding what they really needed most off their backs.